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Mr. Sanwar Mal Misra is academically qualified with degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Pilani, Rajasthan, India and in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA. Mr. Misra worked as Engineer, Consultant, Adviser with private industrial establishments, public sector, foreign governments and International Agency in India , USA, Iran, Libya, Zambia and Oman.
He has long experience in various product groups, professional fields and possesses special expertise. He worked with UNIDO as a Consultant. He is on the panel of Consultants with Commonwealth Secretariat in London, Asian Development Bank in Manila, African Development in Abidjan etc.
Today the competitive gain is the core issue. It does not matter how good one is, but it does matter how much better one is compared to the rival. Being self-sufficient is not enough, one needs to be competitive enough. In the global perspective, science and technology have altered life but only the physical part of life and not the spiritual.
Proliferation of the global environmental pollution by the increasing emergence of greenhouse gases is reaching unsafe limits for maintaining normal living conditions for the people. A truth identified by experts and experienced by the human population. This pollution is visible, measurable and confined to the physical environment.
The concept of organisation is fundamental to all human activities. Although much has been written on this topic still much more can be added on this subject in the wake of emerging changes. With the pace of development, old becomes obsolete when technologies advance and new approaches are evolved, but principles never change.
The subject of business and industry viewed through the lens of spirituality looks different, unconventional and uncommon. It does not fall in a regular stream of curriculum as one subject of study hence it is termed as uncommon. Spirituality seeks peace, whereas business looks for profit to produce wealth. Conventional thinking assumes that wealth begets happiness.
Under the law of nature, human beings are destined to follow the unending cycle of birth and death; it means be born, grow young, become old and leave the world without knowing what we are supposed to achieve as humans. Perhaps, it takes several lives to wake up to know the unknown facts. Having come to this world one should strive to optimize the value of a pleasant.