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Amazing Sights

These amazing, uncommon, unimaginable, indescribable, unforgettable and least known sights will not only catch your eyes but touch your heart and make you regretful if you have missed them. They are no less than wonders. The journey to school, unlike the school bus, is very exciting and adventurous of these students from remote places living in India, China, Indonesia, Colombia, Myanmar and Philippines. It is a must watch sight. Let me brief up as follows.
-See the children making an adventurous journey full of dangers and suspense to the school unlike the common school bus.
-See the girl riding the bull to school with her school bag. -Enjoy the sight of children going in a small rowing boat -Residential places on the mountain
-Building monastery away from population

All this is made available to you for viewing in the comfort of your drawing room, in the warmth of your bed-room and in the midst of your family members. It is not easy to go to these di?cult-to-reach sites with the family and visit them. Also, it is no less than visiting the Ei?el Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in India etc. The process of reading is eliminated, since it is a book of pictures. One simply sees, understands and appreciates. Even if you have not toured some exotic places of interest, seeing this book is more than touring many countries. Because all capital cities are alike i.e. they have big malls, concrete multi-storey buildings, a crowd of cars and so on. Seeing this book will be a unique experience.

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