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Effect of Attributes in Human Relations Management  :
Business manager
human attitude is the essence of human relation
management . An in-depth coverage ..
Managing Energy  : Indian management
How to recharge your body for a sustained performance
Improving Competitive Performance in a Cement Plant : Industrial insider
This article includes topic like : Functional structure of a cement plant, Production function, Plant maintenance function, Human resources function, materials function,


This title presents multi-functional topics to serve the reader interests. Often, there are individual books of novels, story, quiz, quotes, humor, jokes and poetry etc. but they create monotony; as reading the same stream of subject one gets bored. Here, attempt is made to present them together in one combination i.e. something of everything. Just as a good dinner has a menu of soup, main dish added with sauce, pickles, salad, fruit juice and concluded with a sweet dish. Why should one read such a book? Because daily life is full of tension; so one seeks to take a break, get entertained, refreshed and recharged to continue and maintain his pace of working. Students su?er from the fear of failure in the examination; subordinates are tensioned to do their best to ensure that the boss remains pleased;

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