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Improving Competitive Performance in a Cement Plant : Industrial insider
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"Live and let live" is the law of nature. It implies respect for bio-diversity. Life on land, life under water and life above the surface in the environment is full of mysteries and adventurous. Here, we try to dig into the life of birds. Human beings live in families, in villages, towns and cities; compared to that birds live in flocks, build their nests, raise children, provide food and shelter, migrate to thousands of kilometers away when weather changes from summer to winter- all this is amazing. Birds eat insects and help us in pest control; birds help in cross pollination. They carry male gametes of one plant and drop them on to female gametes of another plant thereby accomplishing the sexual reproduction of plants. The fruit eating birds carry the seeds in their intestines and deposit them as excreta in new places. Birds excreta is rich in uric and it gets readily converted to ammonia, which is a good fertilizer for plants. Similarly, poultry waste added to the soil greatly enhances the fertility. Birds are part of the ecosystem. An attempt is made to comprehensively cover the world of birds in this title.

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