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Today the competitive gain is the core issue. It does not matter how good one is, but it does matter how much better one is compared to the rival. Being self-sufficient is not enough, one needs to be competitive enough. In the global perspective, science and technology have altered life but only the physical part of life and not the spiritual. A holistic approach to life should take into consideration the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Technological progress is limited to the temporal world.

It cannot speed up the emancipation process and no spiritual change can be anticipated. Scientific development affects the sensual perceptions and not beyond. Thus, the growth in physical sciences is not changing the spiritual parameters of humanity, in any way. A substantial change can be brought about by a spiritual revolution.

Worldwide awareness for the elimination of terrorism indicates that some people are moving towards a rule by force. This shows that the seed of violence was planted long ago and now, its roots have grown deeper. Besides fighting militancy, the long-term solution lies in promoting spirituality.


In addition to this, the average person suffers, not only from physical ailments, but also from mental tension. Diseases linked with the physical body can be treated by medicines, but the mental ailments need the support of a spiritual life. The increasing global population of persons aged over sixty years, offers the biggest market potential for spirituality. They have lived through the different phases of life and realized its futility. Materials on spirituality, from the Indian scriptures abound but it is hard to come across one that appears to the modern man who looks for scientific reasoning behind every theory.

In this context, this book helps to convey this message of spirituality to the people.

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