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Children are the future of the nation. Countries having no children have no future. Imagine that in a country where there is only adult and age old population and no children; what happens to them. Due to aging the adult population gradually starts dying and the country degenerates. No one is left to takeover them. Children are a must if the country wants to survive. Now, having children it becomes essential that they are better educated so that the future of the country is secured. The only way to educate children is to send them to good schools, where character values are developed with due care for their mental and physical health. Know that children are the seeds of humanity and utmost care should be exercised in their upbringing and growth.

This book is devoted to make the children aware of their responsibility as a good citizen; alerts them to a global situation of children about how di?cult it is to go to school unlike the easy and comfortable mode of transport of a school bus. It presents a global view of the school going children. Despite all di?culties the ambition to go to school wins over. School is a place where children develop a sense of togetherness, the lessons of coordination and cooperation, the spirit of competitiveness, morals of character etc. by participation in games and sports, debates, question and answer sessions and so on. This title unfolds some of the glaring facts on education through stories and poems.

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