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Improving Competitive Performance in a Cement Plant : Industrial insider
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About the Book Times are changing from ancient to modern to smart living patterns. Today, we are living in smart cities so the concept and life style goes with the present times. But some basics cannot be disregarded. The Mantra for today's living is contained in '…Healthy, Wealthy and Wise'. Wisdom is a faculty of the mind. Wisdom of living a happy and peaceful life resides in good physical health. Mind runs the body. Hence, physical health depends on a stable and sound mental well-being. Similarly, wealth creation is a function of the mind. Hence both health and wealth are connected and dependent on the smooth running of the mental faculty. Without enough money/wealth even the health cannot be well maintained; and when we become free from financial worries we can work to achieve inner happiness- the goal of life. Linear thinking patterns are going out and old life style is slowly becoming obsolete. There should not be any regret, because the Y-factor is changing the mindset, the behavior pattern and the working profile.

To stay with the times we have to strategically plan to achieve our life goals. Life begins with the physical body; it is the concern of everybody. A healthy body is the first requirement of healthy living. Health is wealth and together they draw their feed from a stable and peaceful mind. Hence, healthcare means wealth-care. Let me quote a short story relevant in this context. Under emergency a professor had to cross the river from one bank to the other in a small boat. When the boat reached the middle of the river, where the water was very deep the uneducated boat owner asked the professor about what he had known in his life.

The professor replied that he had good knowledge of biology, psychology, and so on. The boat owner said" Sir, do you have knowledge of how to swim". The professor replied that it is not a subject of any educative value. The boat owner said " Right now the water is leaking from the bottom and the boat is likely to sink; if you do not know how to swim, then all your knowledge cannot save your life. Likewise, health and su?cient wealth are the requirements of peaceful and happy living, which are the mind-based and mind-governed subjects. Without happiness the purpose of life is lost. Happiness has no physical state of existence. Hence the topic of "Mechanics of Mind" is introduced. Remember that old is gold. Here, the old popular saying occupies the title role of this book i.e. "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man and woman healthy, wealthy and wise." This title will help achieve the goal of life we cherish.

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