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Human body based success drivers need to be identified and acted on for directing growth and living a pleasant and motivated life. It concerns the study of neuroscience and the brain. Brain runs the body and not vice versa. It gives command for execution by a communication system using the brain-linked neural network. This network uses neurotransmitters, which are chemicals; they carry messages from one neuron to another. Apart from this, the decision making process is directed by the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind is more powerful and over-rules the decision of the conscious mind by taking into consideration all the relevant information stored in the memory in the form of the neural network template.

This title explains in detail for easy understanding.Neuroscience is at the root of creating emotions that produce happy and unhappy feelings. Happy feelings generate a positive frame of mind essential for healthy living; further it assists in understanding how the brain creates states of pleasure and displeasure. Human life is a blissful experience. Our brain produces neuro-chemicals that turn our goals and pursuits including struggles of life into pleasure and make us feel happy when we achieve them. The endocrine system uses hormones and acts as a major communication system of the body. While the nervous system uses neurotransmitters as its chemical signals. The pancreas, kidneys, heart, adrenal glands, gonads, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, and even fat are all sources of hormones. The endocrine system works in large part by acting on neurons in the brain. Neuroscience research has revealed that our brain releases some chemicals that a?ect our motivation to success. They are triggered by specific events or situations in our life. And cause us to respond accordingly motivating towards our goals. It enhances human performance and productivity. Know that change is inevitable and progress is optional. Life keeps moving whether we like it or not. We can choose to stay in our comfort zone and fall behind. It is up to us. We should be more concerned with those brain chemicals that influence our growth, career advance and motivate us to achieve success in life.

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