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Myth of a Mother

Mother is a God-given gift to the child. She is more than a woman. Mother nurses the child with love, selfless service and with a sense of sacrifice. She is the best teacher and guide of the child. Mother is the confluence of love, kindness, unselfish service and tolerance. The discriminating aspect of her service is that she does not claim any return for what she does. God is both the mother and father of this universe. Without being merciful and loving, He cannot run this universe. Since God cannot be present everywhere and all the time; so he created the mother, who carries out His role on earth. Mother has been given this task of nursing the child with love by God. Know that every woman is not a mother.

Only one who has given birth to a child and nursed his upbringing until he becomes self-supportive. She has a very delicate and di?cult task for which she does not demand any return. This makes her role glorious and dignified. In a family having brothers and sisters, mother is the only member, who holds the relationship with her children till life-end whereas others e.g. brothers and sisters get married and start a new relationship with their spouse. Know that the power of mother's blessings and love saves her children from evils in life. When she leaves this world, she tells God that so long as she was alive she protected the children from miseries and now it is God.s duty to take care of them. So, the wishes and desires of a mother always are for the safety, security and welfare of her children. Having mother in the home it feels like a temple and without her it turns into a simple dwelling place devoid of values and virtues. This book is submitted in English and Hindi languages. Stories, poems and scriptural quotes highlight the role of a mother. Reading this title will be like paying tribute to your own mother. Those who are blessed with a living mother and those living without her, will realize a sense of gratitude, respect and honor for her in their heart of hearts. A scriptural text on divinely empowered mother gods has been translated into English language and added. .

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