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Science of Sound

Science is a process of discovery, not of invention, that allows us to link isolated facts into coherent and comprehensive understandings of the natural world. In fact science is a natural truth existing in the universe; scientists make e?ort to discover it and apply the same for improving the quality of life. The knowledge generated by science is powerful and reliable. It can be used to develop new technologies, treat diseases, and deal with many other sorts of problems. Science is continually refining and expanding our knowledge of the universe, and as it does, it leads to new questions for future investigation. Science will never be ending.

However, here we focus on the science of sound and concentrate on facts relating to the study of sound in respect of its properties, characteristics, quality and application in various fields of technology including our hearing mechanism and so on. Summary of chapters, review questions, laboratory tests and evaluation measures have been added to comprehensively cover the subject matter. Even sound pollution has been an area of disturbance to smooth working in home, schools, o?ces, and in environments requiring silent working. Sound insulation provides the much needed solution to noise problems, wherever possible. This book aims at providing a creatively constructed and comprehensive course material, which can be used by students as well as teachers. Starting with the pre-requisites of concept mapping and others, this title provides an excellent guide to students as a text material or a supporting and good guide even as a help book on the subject. I am sure this innovative material fully meets the satisfaction of the students, teachers, and academicians.

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