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Under the law of nature, human beings are destined to follow the unending cycle of birth and death; it means be born, grow young, become old and leave the world without knowing what we are supposed to achieve as humans. Perhaps, it takes several lives to wake up to know the unknown facts. Having come to this world one should strive to optimize the value of a pleasant and peaceful living. Science of Spirituality is a spiritual product. It unfolds the untold mystery of human life. It attempts to discover and apply the spiritual potential of Bhagwat Geeta and the religious power of Bhagwat Puran to achieve the goal by employing an integrated approach of body, mind and intellect.

Lord Krishna is the main character of both Bhagwat Puran and Bhagvat Geeta, which are the celebrated scriptures of Hindu Mythology. Bhagwat Puran describes the early part of the life of Lord Krishna and Bhagvat Geeta - the post childhood profile of activities of the Lord. Bhagwat Puran is a love-manifest. It narrates the divine activities in Gokul in the companionship of cowherds, villagers and milkmaids (Gopian). Puran and Geeta weave the spiritual fabric of devotional love, dispassion and knowledge/wisdom. Krishna or Krishnavtar being the incarnation of Lord Vishnu has the purpose of telling the people that they can reach godhood through the devotional route. In Bhagwat Geeta, Arjun is the main character and through him the message on mystery of life is conveyed.

Here, the word 'Bhagwat' means relating to God (Bhagwat and Puran means very old i.e. never new. It is said that Bhagwat Puran is older than the human civilization. Since the human beings came into existence the scripture was there known a Bhagwat Puran. The word Puran remained intact - meaning old. The primordial text of this holy book was transferred by oral tradition, when Shruti and Smriti were the mode of communication. There are 18 titles of Puran e.g. Vishnu Puran, Padma Puran, Garud Puran etc. Bhagwat Puran is the works of Ved Vyas,

Puran should have the 5 items described; they are the creation and destruction of the universe, biography of celebrated contemporary saints, rulers etc., pedigree/dynasty/family lineage, and description of Manu. Bhagwat Puran is also named as Mahapuran and as Bhagwat Shashtra, which means a religious book containing code of conduct for the common people. It is the first Puran, which was translated into French language during 1840 to 1857 and is the greatest among 18 Purans. It is also referred to as fifth Veda and as essence of Vedanta. The foreign author, Charllotte Vaudeville calls it the Bible of Krishnaism.

Bhagwat Puran is an epic of love for God. As the basis of our relationship with God is love and not fear. Love brings near to Him and fear moves us away from Him. Love connects and fear disconnects. But what kind of love is the best between God and us? The most natural love is between the mother and the child. It is unassuming, selfless, pure and deep. God is our love partner. The following line of the verse supports this fact that God is our mother followed by father.

Some of the inspiring topics include mystery of love drawn from the extracts of Bhaagwat Puraan and Bhagwat Geeta,self-realization, know-how and do-how of science of spirituality, pre-requisites, meditation etc. Meditation is a scientific technique to exhaust all the desires and thoughts. Further, some more stimulating topics on calculation of doomsday, Mantra Therapy, brief-up on the hypothetical power wheels etc. have been added. The subject title combines the select dynamic thoughts that create maximum impact on the life of people.

It spotlights the concept of love as expressed by sufi saints, william shakespeare and poet Raskhan. Further, I am grateful for the contributions to Acharya Ramanuz Devanathan, former Vice-Chancellor Rajasthan Sanskrit University and Acharya Natwarlal Joshi for the assistance on scriptural text, to Shri J R Goyal and Shri Sudershan Lal for the technical orientation and to Dr. Anandilal Vyas for the help on medical science related spiritual topics. I like to dedicate this title in the fond memory of my mother Shrimati Ganga Devi Mishra,and to my wife Shrimati Ginni Devi Mishra.

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