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Under the law of nature, human beings are destined to follow the unending cycle of birth and death; it means be born, grow young, become old and leave the world without knowing what we are supposed to achieve as humans. Perhaps, it takes several lives to wake up to know the unknown facts. Having come to this world one should strive to optimize the value of a pleasant and peaceful living. This title unfolds the untold mystery of human life. It attempts to discover and apply the spiritual potential of Bhagvad Geeta and the religious power of Bhagwat Puran to achieve the goal by employing an integrated approach of body, mind and intellect.

Bhagwat Puran is an epic of love for God. As the basis of our relationship with God is love and not fear. Love brings near to Him and fear moves us away from Him. Love connects and fear disconnects. But what kind of love is the best between God and us? The most natural love is between the mother and the child. It is unassuming, selfless, pure and deep. God is our love partner. The following line of the verse supports this fact that God is our mother followed by father.This title is a spiritual product. It alerts us to know the purpose of life and how to achieve it. The subject title combines the select dynamic thoughts that create maximum impact on the life of people.

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