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Stories and Verses

Technology enhances sense perception, but it kills inner strengthening of human character. Education in science and technology being secular, teaches nothing about the higher purpose of spiritual life. Having no opportunity for finding inner fulfillment, people consider material enjoyment to be the only goal of life. In fact technology and consciousness, science and religion should unite to enter into a new state of being and doing known as Science of Spirituality. People make better decisions if they see their future selves. Emotional responses are heightened when we see vivid examples: Giving people images of their older selves would change their attitude towards spirituality, which acts as a bridge, not as crutches to enhance the purpose of human life.The inner development can yield more to material well-being as well as spiritual prosperity.

The seed has the potential to express as a tree having trunk, branches, leaves etc. A seed is a miniaturized tree. Similarly, an individual is a seed to manifest perfection not only in the spiritual field but also in the material world. Everyone is a miniaturized energy capsule and can reach full growth of his personality both internally and externally. This book o?ers a simple solution within easy reach to growth and achievement of goal. This title on Stories and Verses gives in simple and easy steps the lesions on spirituality to help sustain discipline of body, mind and intellect. They are soaked in spirituality and executive management. I am sure it will add value to your knowledge and consequently imrove your overall performance.

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