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The subject of business and industry viewed through the lens of spirituality looks different, unconventional and uncommon. It does not fall in a regular stream of curriculum as one subject of study hence it is termed as uncommon. Spirituality seeks peace, whereas business looks for profit to produce wealth. Conventional thinking assumes that wealth begets happiness. But spirituality has no such pursuit for wealth. It pursues peace. In this title some innovative concepts are introduced through stories with applications in the present context of events happening in political, spiritual, cultural fields. Contents of this book are a mixture of spiritual and executive management topics.

Let us examine the purpose of business. Does business produce happiness? Can it give lasting peace in life? To some extent business provides the boost-up in the economic life of people. It can help provide food, clothing and shelter, which is the basic need of mankind. The luxurious living standards of today have crossed the basic need levels in the society. This has sown seeds of disparity. Generally, disparity causes tension; if it is a creative tension, a lot can be done to social welfare; otherwise it may produce negative results. When people are unsatisfied with what they have, disruptions may follow.

Business does not give happiness, because happiness is not a physical product. Business produces services and products. Business produces profit resulting into wealth - that should be shared and distributed to the economically weaker sections of the society, so that a harmonious relationship is established between the wealth producers and the poor, who in turn should feel grateful to the business community.

Although executives may realize in the end that chasing profits without maintaining morality will prove detrimental in the long run. It will erode the human values. The spiritual life should run parallel to the life in the material world as an ideal case. Business should support values of life. Without the spiritual support one would feel hollow and demanding in his life. It should act as a complement, in an ideal situation.

The subject is illustrated through stories concerning spirituality as well as executive management followed by a section of verses. Topics on team dysfunction, goal vision, improving cooperation among team members, introducing self-discipline, bureaucratic practices etc. are illustrated through stories. A section on verses covers subjects on negative values of human life, wealth, fear phobia, desire control, clean-up of immoralities, concept of poor and rich in the context of satisfaction in life, futility of the world, truth of life and many more. It is sourced from Bharatrihari Shatak.

This title presents problems in an appealing manner with reflections on the current events prevailing in the country. It reveals the know-how and do-how in order to improve performance and productivity of human life by updating knowledge on the subject.

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