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Proliferation of the global environmental pollution by the increasing emergence of greenhouse gases is reaching unsafe limits for maintaining normal living conditions for the people. A truth identified by experts and experienced by the human population. This pollution is visible, measurable and confined to the physical environment.

Apart from this, the rising negative human values causing terrorism, rape, murder, greed, theft, jealousy, hatred, anger, violence, forgery and economic crimes, are infecting the moral, ethical, political, legal and social environment of the human population.

This moral pollution is creating tension, ‑producing physical and mental diseases, causing depression, eroding bio‑energy, developing negative attitude and bad behavior of the people. In a word, it is making life miserable for the peace loving population.

Both positive and negative human values are mind based. First, they take birth in the form of thoughts and later exhibited in our actions. To develop a positive mindset with proactive outlook, we need to research, re‑discover, unlearn and learn the technology of life as outlined in this title.

It interfaces the subject of business management with applications of spiritual parameters. A scientific approach to spirituality is a distinctive feature of this publication.

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