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Technology of Life

We drive the automobile but we do not know the technology that produces it. Similarly, we live the life without knowing what goes into the making of a life. However, our target objective is that the car runs trouble free and we achieve peace and pleasure in life. Life is more important than the car. But a car and life are two di?erent and dissimilar items. One is lifeless and the other - a live object. The know-how, which describes the state of being and its peripherals, is the subject of spirituality. It deals with the truth of life. Here, an e?ort is made to re-discover, understand and realize the truth of life. Why truth; because inner peace lies in truth. Truth is everlasting. It does not change. Why the religious scriptures talk about inculcating truth, kindness, and love and so on in the context of developing human values?

There is a reason for it. They produce a positive force and step up the inner and invisible bio-energy. Whereas, untruth, cruelty and hatred generate negative emotions, cause depression, disappointment and lead to a degenerate life. This is not all; it extends far beyond into adversely a?ecting the life and its goals. The universal objective for the welfare of the human race is to live a pleasant, prosperous and peaceful life. How to go about to meeting this goal in life? The subject title makes an attempt to answer these di?cult questions. It is an e?ort to discover the truth of life. God will protect us against all evils by staying closer to Him. Farther we move away from Him, nearer we come closer to risks of life. The distinctive feature of this title is that the subject material concerns all religious viewpoints without leaning to a particular religion whether one is practicing Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam, Judaism or any other faith. It unfolds some universally applicable facts of life irrespective of whichever part of the world one lives in. It concerns all, irrespective

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